Whiplash: Most Common Phoenix Accident Injury

At least 3 million people report suffering whiplash from car accidents around the United States annually. It is also the most common of the Phoenix accident injuries that we treat in our five clinics around town.

The neck is the most vulnerable part of the spine, balancing the weight of your head on a delicately balanced network of vertebrae supported by muscles, tendons and ligaments. Even a collision as slow as 5 mph can cause a painful car injury to your neck, all within a fraction of a second. As the crash occurs, the body and head are whipped in different directions, causing the vertebrae in the neck to grind against each other while also straining the muscles and other connective tissues.

Overcoming Car Accident Neck Injuries
The notorious thing about this neck injury is that, particularly at low speeds, the pain may not show up initially. This is why so many cases go unreported, and why so many people suffer for Phoenix auto injury clinics explain about whiplash months and even years with the neck pain, back pain, headaches, difficulty concentrating, vision problems and other symptoms that attend this neck injury.

We have patients from all over Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale and the rest of the valley who come to us struggling with symptoms of whiplash. Often, because the injury may have taken place weeks or months ago, many patients do not necessarily attribute their pain to an auto accident injury.

This is why it is important, even after a minor fender bender, to come in for a complete exam as soon as possible. We have years of experience diagnosing and treating neck injuries like whiplash. We know what to look for and how to help you find relief. Through a personalized plan of chiropractic spinal adjustments, corrective exercises and other physiotherapy modalities, we can help stop the pain and encourage your neck to heal naturally so you can enjoy life again.

Have you ever walked away from a minor car accident, only to succumb to neck pain days later? How did you find relief?


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