Injury Chiropractic West Phoenix has helped improve thousands of West Phoenix residents’ quality of life after a car crash. Located at 75th Ave and Thomas, their clinical director, Dr. Mendola, cares about his patients’ health and well being.

Dr. Mendola’s passion for becoming a chiropractor started when he was injured in a car accident at 16. In the years that followed he would attend one of the world’s first schools of chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic.

By the year 1995 Dr. Mendola was practicing chiropractic care in New Jersey until he moved out to Arizona in 2001. In his personal life, Dr. Mendola is a loving family man that enjoys swimming, jet skiing, and exercising. He also has a keen interest in classic cars

Dr. Mendola’s Injury Chiropractic West Phoenix office is one of five Injury Chiropractic locations that serve the valley with all their chiropractic needs. Injury Chiropractic mission is to ensure no one in Glendale, Phoenix, Mesa, or the surrounding areas suffer from pain and discomfort from an auto accident injury.