Back pain is usually the result of an isolated incident that can have a devastating impact associated with years of pain and discomfort. Time and again these isolated incidents are the product of the intense gravitational forces a victim goes through in an auto accident.

The injured party is burdened with excruciating pain from pinched nerves and/or a herniated disc, and sometimes turns to surgery to fix the damage. On the other hand, chiropractor Dr. Mendola relies on natural healing based on the holistic approach chiropractic treatment offers.

His precise adjustments play an intricate role realigning herniated discs and preventing sciatica. Spinal adjustments for back pain also use physiotherapy treatments to help the patient strengthen his or her musculoskeletal via exercises and stretches.

These physiotherapy treatments are essential for securing the back and preventing any future injuries. This comprehensive approach of utilizing spinal adjustments and .physiotherapy is aimed at improving flexibility and range of motion for pain-free living. If you’ve been in a car accident and are suffering from back pain, alleviate your pain by contacting Injury Chiropractic West Phoenix