Headaches and migraines are two warning signs that your body is dealing with a more serious underlying issue. Generally, symptoms range from struggling to concentrate to throbbing that consumes your entire body with chronic pain.

No matter what the severity, far too often the victim has recently been in a car crash. Auto accident injury sufferers are prone to suffering from headaches and migraines because when their head is jerked from side to side upon impact the victim suffers soft tissue damage and misaligned vertebrae that can have a negative effect on blood supply to the brain.

With such a whirlwind of possible culprits, it’s important that put your trust in a chiropractor that’ll make the proper adjustments tailored to fit your specific situation. For residents of West Phoenix, Dr. Mendola and his experienced staff have been a saving grace for his patients experiencing agonizing headache pain.

He does this by making the necessary adjustments to realign the neck and spine to their natural curvature. If you’re experiencing headaches after an auto accident, give Dr. Mendola’s office a call.