Stay Calm with Effective Action: Five Things to Do After a Phoenix, Mesa or Glendale Car Accident

Auto accidents can be scary, but having a plan of action can help keep you calm and collected immediately following an accident. As a chiropractor that focuses 100 percent of our care on Mesa, Glendale and Phoenix accident injuries, Injury Chiropractic has seen people effectively take action directly following an accident, just as we have helped many on the road to post-accident recovery.

First Steps Involve Treating Injuries, Staying Safe

1. Your first priority following an accident is to tend to the most severe car accident injuries that require immediate treatment. Calling 911 is essential for the most severe trauma, while keeping an Phoenix chiropractors advise on handling auto accident injuries emergency kit and first aid kit in your vehicle is another good idea. The emergency kit should include a pen, paper, disposable camera and list of medical conditions and allergies. The first aid kit should include bandages and peroxide for immediate wound relief. A cell phone is also a must.

2. Staying safe remains a priority. Remaining in your car is recommended as you wait for help to arrive. Walking across multiple lanes of traffic increases your chances of an auto injury. Put on your hazard lights to increase your visibility and alert other motorists.

3. & 4. Exchanging and documenting information are the next two tips. Exchange insurance and personal information with other drivers involved in the accident, including phone numbers and vehicle types. Document the damage with the camera from your emergency kit. Write down how and when the accident happened so you can properly relay the information to authorities and your insurance company.

5. You are not done just yet, as one more priority following a car accident is receiving a chiropractic evaluation, even if you think no injuries have occurred. An injury such as whiplash can take days or even weeks to manifest, and the sooner you begin treatment the sooner your recovery can begin.

How has chiropractic care helped you after an auto accident?


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